Monday, 30 April 2018

Media Statement 30 April 2018 Response to apparent charges

Media Statement 30 April 2018. Response by Jennifer Ferguson in relation to apparent charges laid by Mr Danny Jordaan 

I have not had the opportunity to study the allegations in detail contained in the apparent charges Mr.Jordaan has made against myself and, I believe, Mr. Irvin Khoza.
The fact remains that Mr. Jordaan is facing a serious charge of rape.
These counter-charges take the form of malicious prosecution, a legal bullying tactic that attempts to distract from the main charge of rape. This is a typical legal ploy to discredit and break down a rape witness. It is a desperate smear-campaign that creates a smokescreen to distract the media, intimidate the witness and dilute attention from the rape charge.

To re-iterate, my motives are simply:
-I am fighting for justice after a rape.
-I am not fighting to bring someone down.
-The issue is between myself and Mr.Jordaan. No one else.

These charges appear to be nothing but a malicious response to a very serious charge of rape.

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