Friday, 4 May 2018

In response to 'Conspiracy' and other charges.

Statement by Jennifer Ferguson, 4 May 2018.

Whilst we are still awaiting communication of the actual charges Mr. Danny Jordaan has made against Jennifer Ferguson, we feel obliged to provide the following information regarding the accusations of a ‘conspiracy’ between Ms. Ferguson and Mr. Irvin Khoza that have been playing out in the media. We are well aware of the precarious field of ‘Trial by Media’ and in this the following statement is a compromise of necessity.

Ms. Ferguson made a personal and painful decision to disclose the rape that happened 24 years ago in PE, on 18 Oct 2017. This freedom to truth-speak after too many years of silence and shame, came on the wings of the #metoo movement, where millions of women globally shared their stories of sexual violation. Ms. Ferguson subsequently made the offer for a Restorative Justice mediation process to Mr. Jordaan, which he refused. After six months of intensive personal reflection, post-trauma counselling and consultation with a broad spectrum of experts in various fields including the legal, sexual violence NGO’s etc. she opened a charge of rape the day after she returned to South Africa, March 20 2018. She has consistently communicated the difficulty of this decision to pursue the legal route, as well as her empathy for the family of Mr. Jordaan.

Jennifer returned to South Africa on March 19 2018, at the invitation of The Baxter Theatre and The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative* (see below) She had been invited to perform in a series of concerts, namely the opening of the Mpumalanga ‘My Body My Space’ Festival of Dance and the JENNIFER#wetoo Baxter Concerts. This was also part of the #wetoo Campaign inception phase which aims to focus on sexual violence and conversations of healing in SA.
Jennifer’s family, with whom she regularly performs with, her husband Anders, son Gabriel and daughter Johanna were all part of the concerts.
The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative have partnered in the JENNIFER#wetoo Concerts and the #wetoo Campaign, along with The Baxter Theatre. They have provided Project Management, facilitated fund-raising, donations, invoicing and payments. All budgetary controls, payments etc are done through them. The Baxter Theatre has also taken some responsibility for management of related costs.

Many people and organisations have helped and are still helping in various ways with the recent concerts and with future projects, especially the #wetoo Campaign. This is being done in the spirit of social justice activism as well as basic human generosity.
For the record:
-The Baxter Theatre provided rental free space and staff.
-The Raith Foundation provided core ‘emergency’ funding covering basic costs including air travel, choir transport, catering, posters etc.
-Sound sponsored by Eastern Acoustics with the sound engineer working for free.
-A car provided by The Baxter Theatre.
-All musicians and guest artists including JF worked for an honorarium of R5000 in total with R2000 for rehearsals.
-Many other people, such as the choir, the runner, a photographer, the Stage Manager etc all contributed their services with extraordinary generosity, working for small honorariums.

The air-ticket payment was done through ‘The Forgotten Angle Theatre Company’ NGO paid directly to ‘Big Travel’ based in Uppsala, Sweden.
-2 close friends, Toni Jooste and Thys Botha, offered free accommodation in Johannesburg and Cape Town and are happy to submit affidavits if necessary.
- The ‘anonymous donors’ are two close personal friends of over 25 years, who are sponsoring the #wetoo Campaign and the JENNIFER#wetoo concerts. Both are highly respected professionals in their respective fields of social justice-activism and philanthropic work and have always kept their donations anonymous. Both are prepared to provide affidavits if necessary.

*The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, established in 1995 in Johannesburg, now based in Mpumalanga, is a highly respected recognised Dance and Social Justice Activism Company that has worked in the field, especially of HIV/ Aids, for many years. They are internationally recognised as one of the leading voices in the emergence of the new South African ‘protest/ struggle’ theatre. Jennifer has enjoyed a long collaborative relationship with them since 2004.

We have the invoice confirming payment of the tickets by FATC -The Forgotten Angle Theatre Company- to Big Travel.
All information provided above can be verified by affidavit if and when it becomes necessary in a court of law.

We trust this information will help reveal the truth behind the seemingly falsified and fraudulent documentation behind what appears to be the slanderous attack and malicious prosecution of a rape witness.

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  1. i support jennifer and believe her story! Selim Gool, Telemark, Norway