Saturday 25 October 2014

There is a Song

The Singer / The Song

There is a Song
I have long forgotten
For-ever free
The Rose 
 In the Heart of Sharinam
The Perfume of Eternity.

I have often said my conscious journey as a singer and eventually as 'voice-animator', began one night,  crouched beside a glowing fire, under that infinitely beautiful African sky, in the Groot Marico. There, in a circle of good friends including a Professor of Music from Hamburg University, a wild-dolphin swim facilitator, a shamanic poet who specialises in the creation of traditional african instruments, we made music again in one of our many spontaneous 'sound-circles'. The music entwined with the song of the crickets, the distant hooting of the owls and song of the nightjars. Digereedoos, drums and uhadi, rattles and seed shakers played and played on, until it seemed that I and the night-sounds were one, my body-edge dissolved and my spirit one with the earth and sky. In this exquisite vibration, where all of time stood still and space expanding I found myself in what could be called the Eternal Now. It was there, from spaceless space and timeless time, my voice emerged. The experience almost does not bear the telling. I can say I found myself expressing a song that I could only call ''primal.'' The song spanned octaves beyond my imagining and tones I had never dreamed of. But most importantly, the song and i were one, and I found myself free at last, in truth and fearlessness and joy, to express what longed to sing into form.

Thinking back on that night, the gift I received was one of 'undoing'. I left behind all that I had learned from various teachers and institutions, all that had shaped an inner-critic which had caused me much pain over the years, listening too critically, never satisfied.

 On that night, I embarked upon a road from which there has been no turning back. 
Along it I would be given the understanding of what is The Natural Voice. The Voice that both you and I, all of us, were born with; a channel for the always present longing that seeks to express itself, in all its colours, from the centre of our hearts.

I am still on that road, toward the place where one needs do nothing, where all has been done, and where all is still possible.

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